The name and logo of Kamileo (stylized   ) is based on the Chameleon, one of the smartest and dynamic animals in nature. Chameleon is good at changing its skin coloration in reactions to temperature and other conditions, which is consistent with our principle to vary products in reactions to customers' needs.


Kamileo is a collaborative of sports industry folks with a shared vision for the future of fitness and outdoor gear. We see an opportunity for better products, designed from the ground up, with styling, functionality and an attractive price, all built for users whose needs range from the city dweller’s commute, a backpacker’s trek into the mountains or seeking adventure around the globe.

Kamileo seeks to help individuals reach their peak fitness goals by providing quality manufactured fitness gear that will guarantee an optimized workout.  We know how fast the day goes, so we understand that the precious time spent working out should be a positive and hassle free experience.

By setting our customers up with the tools needed to get results, we are committed to helping individuals achieve a higher quality of living. Our dream is more than providing obsessive, precise design and production. We want to motivate young dreamers to keep pursuing their dreams, empower every individual who has a desire to become stronger, healthier and more powerful.


With co-design project, we take time to listen to the stories of our clients improving products in their workouts. We leverage extensive sample procurement and numerous innovations to launch comprehensive new products. Supplied by Top 3 Fitness and Outdoor Brand in Asia, our products are superior in quality.